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Managing Supply Chain Technology
by Jack Garrett and Steven Shepard

- Now available from Aspatore Books -

The "Supply Chain" is the term used to describe the movement of products and services from suppliers to customers. Managing that Supply Chain effectively is vital to the success of any company, because reducing the cost of the products and services in your Supply Chain benefits your profitability more directly than increasing your revenues. But - there's far more to Supply Chain Management than just getting a better deal on office furniture, or deciding to implement an e-Commerce package you've heard about.

This book offers an end-to-end analysis of the entire Supply Chain, with both short term and long term actions that can change the way your company does business - in some very revolutionary ways. It links those acronym-heavy solutions, like CRM and ERP, with the substantial gaps in business functionality that you need to fill. Because they're costing you money.

We cover the potential of exciting and significant technologies like RFID and getting the most out of the systems and processes you have already.

Every business knows that analyzing their "spend" and applying the results to their policies, contracting and purchasing can significantly and measurably reduce the cost of operations. But, do you know how effective - and accurate - that analysis really is? How it's really done? Why it's so costly? And what steps you could take to get it for free?

We look at the whole supply chain - the underlying policies, practices, procedures, and systems, beginning with what your customer wants to why you don't know when the warranty runs out on your notebook's hard drive. We cover topics from why your telecom network imposes enormous and generally hidden costs on your entire company's productivity to why the systems you put in place to support the Supply Chain don't (and in some cases can't) talk to each other.

Buy this book - but get a discount.

Now available from www.aspatore.com, Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and others.

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