Business Forecasting

Unhappy with the quality of your forecasts? Feel like you've lost the ability to have any control over (or at least insight into) the forces that will buffet your company in the next 90 days? Three years? Ten Years? You're not alone.

While the future often feels like a dark and mysterious place, you can help your team learn to provide better forecasts and better understand why the forecasts they've made in the past were so far from the mark. At Garrett Business Technology, we've generated forecasts and helped others learn to improve their own. Contact us to get a better handle on the future. Now, before you become just a spectator to its arrival.

We've created a white paper, entitled "Business Forecasting: Supply Chain Requirements", which is adapted from "Managing Supply Chain Technology" by Jack Garrett and Steven Shepard. It presents techniques and practical experiences that can help forecast purchasing requirements - or sales - or nearly anything you need to predict.

"Inventing the Future: Your Company, Your Customers and Your Partners" is a seminar given to the Executive Leadership Program in Telecommunications at the Center for Telecom Management at the University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business. It provides insights into how the future is invented - who has done it in the past and what can be learned from their experiences. With this as a baseline, the second portion of the presentation examines how we can learn to spot evidence of the future around us and how our own filters can cause us to be blind to them.

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